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The mythologies of rabbit...?

This room uses colour to decode the hidden meanings found in the sign of the rabbit in modern consumerist culture.

The composition of room provides a reinterpretation of the hidden meanings in the sign of the rabbit. Initially the logic of the compositional elements seems unclear, but the intention was to represent the characteristics of the rabbit: playful, sexy and exciting.

The strongly contrasting colours are the first thing that confronts one upon entering the room. This confrontation is an element of Feng Shui philosophy in which the five elements mix.

A unique lighting system was designed to make use of exterior sources of light to enhance the ambience of the space.


wasinburiWasinburi Supanichwarapat (1971)

Wasinburi Supanichwarapat graduated from Universitaet Gesamthochschule Kassel Germany. After his graduation he continues his family business ‘Tao-Hong-Tai’, the first earthern pot factory in Rachaburi. From the traditional dragon relief earthern pot in 1993 to the glazed pot in 2000’s, Wasinburi inverses an ordinary ‘Tao-Hong-Tai’ earthen pot into decorative items and collection. Moreover he turns 40 rais of his factory-compound to one of the famous tourist attractions in Rachaburi. Nowadays, besides managing his family business and working on his ceramic art, as a guest lecturer- he is teaching ceramic to interior Design students from Silpakorn University.

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